March 16, 2013

Wow! Wildlife

I am working on a gallery installation in my downstairs living room and so naturally I went looking for cool Buffalo art…as I do. (Buffalo has been my totem forever – it signifies abundance in my life) I was literally stopped in my tracks by a photo of a Bison the other day…it has totally captivated me. (Thanks Amber!)  Strange that I am sending away all the way to England to get a print…but I have to have it. Look at his eyes! The Photographer CAI PRIESTLY is a Welsh wildlife photog living in Banff… amazing…check out his site Tooth and Claw Photography here. I’m also really in love with the polar bear and wolf…too much of a good thing…maybe. I’m still deciding. Do you have any animal fixations? Any animal art? how do you display it?


cai polar

cai wolfOh Canada!! Stunning. Almost makes me miss Alberta…almost…Drop by his site…or like him on facebook…I did!

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March 16, 2013


Nicole Scott